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Some facts about me:

  • I found my great white buffalo 🧡
  • I climb, ski, ride and run with passion 🔥
  • I spend most of my time with tech, games and music 🤖
  • I make stuff (mainly board games and stuff with the laser cutter) 🎲
  • I believe pineapple pizza is not a crime 🍕
  • I think the best time of the day is 22:22 🕰
  • I say "Entweder es klappt oder es klappt zusammen." 😤
  • Last link i visited which I would like to share:

Query a DNS for TXT records of to get some contact details and currently relevant pages I add content to:

  • Linux: curl -s -H 'accept: application/dns-json' '' | jq -r .Answer[].data
  • Windows: (Resolve-DnsName -Type TXT | Select-Object -ExcludeProperty Strings).Text | Format-Table


What was your most interesting online purchase?

In 2014 I spent 0.04911049 BTC for digital copy of the 50 Cent Album Animal Ambition. Curtis and I both forgot about it until suddenly BTC was worth a lot of money. As of today, this is my most expensive album purchase yet. No Ragrets :)

Do you have a WinRAR licence?






Do you have an avatar you use?

I often use this avatar online. More about how to create this with Context Free Art is written here.