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What Where
Install winget install usbipd


Prerequisites on Windows

  • Make sure your WSL is up to date: wsl --update
  • Show currently available WSL distros: wsl --list --verbose
  • Set default: wsl --setdefault Ubuntu-20.04
  • And make sure the chosen WSL distro is running

Prerequisites for WSL

sudo apt install build-essential flex bison libssl-dev libelf-dev libncurses-dev autoconf libudev-dev libtool linux-tools-virtual hwdata
sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/local/bin/usbip usbip `ls /usr/lib/linux-tools/*/usbip | tail -n1` 20

on Windows, attach USB Device to WSL :

  • Get USB devices with: usbipd wsl list
  • Select correct device and add it to WSL: usbipd wsl attach -b=<BUSID> --auto-attach

Now in WSL view and test USB device:

  • View USB devices: lsusb -t
  • Make USB device writeable (Change username and USB1 according to your setup): sudo chown fab1 /dev/ttyUSB1
  • Test if writing to USB works: echo Test > /dev/ttypUSB1