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Ways to create a CV/resume.

Inspiring tools/templates:

JSON Resume

JSON Resume is an open source solution to create a JSON-based standard for resumes. Create a HTML or PDF output using the CLI. Use a different theme without changing anything in the resume file.

  • Install: npm i resume-cli or use remotly with npx resume
  • Create initial json file: resume init
  • Edit resume.json and validate with resume validate: resume validate
  • Create a PDF: resume export resume.pdf
  • Create a HTML file: resume export resume.html
  • Host HTML file: resume serve

To use other themes browse and select what you prefer (and follow their config/install doc.)

Example for theme kendall:

cd ~/path/to/resume/
git clone
cp resume.json /jsonresume-theme-kendall/resume.json
cd jsonresume-theme-kendall
npm install
resume export resume.pdf --theme .
resume export resume.html --theme .
resume serve --theme .

Man page + curl

Create a Linux manual page formated file which can be downloaded and intepreted using the man command.

I created a markdown file and converted it using pandoc. Use definition-lists and metadata-blocks to pimp the file if you like (not really needed for our incentive of creating a CV)

Convert the file as follows

pandoc --standalone --to man -o cv.7

To read the created man page simply run: man cv.7

If the file is hosted online run the following command to read the file:

  • Windows: use groff or mandoc or simply install WSL and follow Linux command below.
  • Linux: man <( curl -sL )
  • MacOS: curl -sL > /tmp/cv.7; man /tmp/cv.7

I uploaded my cv.7 file to Access to subdomain "cv" is password protected using htaccess.

In order to access the password protected file we need to run curl as follows: curl -u username:password

Alternativly it is also possible to use wget: wget --http-user=username --http-password=password

Combine this with the command and we have a one-liner to read a cv using man :)

  • Linux: man <( curl -u "user":"password" -sL )
  • MacOS: curl -u "user":"password" -sL > /tmp/cv.7; man /tmp/cv.7